Alternative Energy Industry Cables

Alternative Energy / Solar & Wind

The Alternative Energy Industry is the newest industry to which iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) has provided solutions offerings. In fact, iRex CCG has handled projects ranging from small solar cell use and power isolated pumps in the field to extremely large and robust cables built for wind farms. Additionally, since many solar projects require a battery to store the energy, our expert staff has become extremely proficient at assembling banks of batteries for energy storage. We also understand that when a cable assembly leaves our facility it must work and perform well due to the fact that the logistics required to deliver and install the cables are complex and expensive because of the remote areas of many wind farms.

  • Inverter Cables
  • Built to Specification & Copy Exact Manufacturing
  • Slip Ring Cables
  • IGBT Line & Rotar Cable Assemblies
  • Battery Grid Assembly
  • Retrofit, Repair & Replacement Cable Assemblies