Automation Industry Cables

Defense / Aerospace / Military

Robust and high-reliably are the names of the game when it comes to cable assemblies utilized in the industry space reserved for Defense, Aerospace and Military. With large amounts of data to capture and documents to retain, iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) has the years of experience with Mil Standard workmanship standards as well as the tracking / documentation requirements needed for this industry. Our team excels at both providing the hardy, robust military application cable assembly while also maintaining and managing the correct documentation and data capturing before during and after manufacturing and testing. Notably, functional testing is often the test of choice with these type of cables, which is well within our core competencies. All of our cables are tested and passed in order to ensure that they work in the field when failure is NOT an option.

  • High-Reliability Assemblies
  • Precision-Critical Applications
  • MIL Standard Workmanship Standards
  • ITT Connectivity
  • MIL Specification Certification
  • Functionallly-Tested Cable & Assembly Burn-In
  • ITAR Assembly available