Healthcare Industry Cables

Medical / Healthcare

The Medical / Healthcare Industry has one of the highest workmanship standards and expectations of all the industries that iRex supports. The cables built have to be extremely reliable with impeccable workmanship for optimum operation, which is exactly what iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) excels at providing. All our cables, regardless of industry, are tested before they leave our facility, and our medical device applications are no exception. In fact, since they do have such a high reliability requirement, we often suggest our clientele allow functional or at least hi-pot testing to see how the cables react under a load. This is just another step we take to ensure that the best cables have been built for the required application.

  • Extreme Reliability
  • Sealed Cables
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Power, Control & Data Cables
  • Signal & Communications Assemblies