Oil & Gas Industry Cables

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry may have some of the largest budgets for their projects, but they also have the least amount of time for completion. It then stands to reason that the cost of downtime in this industry is extremely hefty as millions of dollars can be lost in a matter of hours. As a result, iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) not only focuses on providing on-time delivery and quick-turn production when building cables for this industry, but also builds hardy and robust cables / assemblies that can handle some of the harshest environments on the planet while working day after day while under incredible temperature, pressure and chemical stresses.

  • Robust Applications
  • Highly Flexible & High-Temperature Cable Assemblies
  • Extreme Environment Application
  • Down Hole, Sub-Sea & Field Applications
  • Pumps & Meter Assemblies
  • In-line PCBA Encapsulation for Harsh Environments
  • Explosion-Proof Enclosures