Telecommunications Industry Cables


The Telecommunications Industry has been an evolving since Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone. With that being said, iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) has never missed a step throughout this industry’s evolution by ensuring that our facility is properly tooled for the latest and most trusted telecommunication applications. The equipment used by our qualified staff to process coaxial wire is extremely efficient, reliable and precise. This process not only translates into better signal integrity for signal broadcast as well as reception, but also steady wireless connections. Additionally, all of the antenna cables we build are submitted to a VSWR test to ensure they operate as required and within the correct range.

  • High-Speed & High-Performance Assemblies with Secure Transmissions under Extreme Environments
  • Tower & Obstruction Lighting Cables
  • Cables for High Ozone Content Environments
  • Flash Technology
  • Beacon & Marker Cables
  • Cell Phone Tower Cables
  • Signal & Communication Cables
  • Antenna Cables