Transportation Industry Cables


When it comes to the Transportation Industry, there are many options in the global marketplace for companies to turn to when looking to manage their fleet of trucks and/or cars. Today’s systems can compile and provide in real time more information than ever before. However, that information needs to be collected with a device that is both rugged and robust. iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) has the ability to help implement additions to your design that will help protect against the harsh existence your device will endure when bolted under a vehicle’s hood or undercarriage. While your customers may only care that the product they buy from you is protected, iRex CCG cares how exactly the protection is provided. Our highly-skilled staff can seal connectors from liquids as well as gases, encapsulate your assemblies, and even enclose your PCBA so that it remains in operation even if the car using it, runs it over.

  • Fleet Management
  • Antenna Cables
  • GPS Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Urban Roadway Signage
  • Sealed Connectors
  • OBD2 Connectors
  • Mobile DVR