iRex Photo: Products and Services

Products & Services

Whether your product is simple or complex, off-the-shelf or highly custom, iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) has the technical expertise and the manufacturing capability to ensure success! In fact, iRex CCG can provide the engineering assistance, prototyping, tooling, testing and production you require to solve problems with your product or take it beyond the design stage. Additionally, if your product design is already established and ready for production, our global quoting process helps position iRex CCG to meet your production deadlines at competitive prices. iRex also stands behind every one of our products & services in an effort promote long-term relationships with our customers and become our customer’s primary supplier for high-tech components.


Wire Harness Assemblies

Wire Harness Assembly
  • Large Harness Stations
  • Automotive Harness Assembly
  • Industrial Harness Assembly

RF / Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Coaxial Cable
  • Miniature Assemblies
  • High-Speed Tooling
  • Low Signal Loss Termination

Peripheral Connectors

USB Cable
  • HDMI  (Micro / Mini)
  • DVI, S-Video, SVGA
  • RCA
  • USB

Flat Ribbon & Flat Round Cables

Custom Twisted Cables
  • IDC
  • Custom Twisted
  • Jacketed & Shielded
  • Slit Cable Assemblies
  • High Flex

Specialty Services

iRex Photo: Specialty Services
  • Wire & Cable Stripping, Tinning Termination & Crimping
  • 40AWG to 4/0AWG
  • Kitting
  • Solar Cable Assemblies
  • Micro / Mini Connectors
  • Custom Overmold Assemblies
  • ThermoCouplers
  • Global Quoting Process
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Design Assistance
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Testing
  • Full-Scale Production
  • Worldwide Materials Procurement & Manufacturing Options