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Eagle Insights: Cable Testing

In this latest Eagle Insight, we take a closer look at the process and importance of cable testing when it comes to the overall manufacturing process. Check out the equipment spotlight video below as well as our detailed write up to gain a behind the scenes look at cable testing.



When manufacturing cables – from first articles to full scale production – testing is essential to not only ensure quality but guarantee proper performance. Cable testing allows for any production flaws to be detected at the source and corrected before full production and/or use in the field. This type of continuity testing validates the build process and when properly done confirms pin out, correct connector type, correct crimp type, proper soldering and connector attachment. All of which are essential in manufacturing a cable that will perform as designed. While testing is considered by some an additional and costly step both at the start of the cable manufacturing process and during production, this process is a key component of a strong overall quality policy. It also saves time and money in the long run by preventing costly failures in the field that are unable to be diagnosed accurately or resolved quickly. In the end, no cable should leave the manufacturing facility without being tested and certified for use.

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