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iRex Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification

iRex Custom Cable Group was awarded the important ISO 9001:2000 manufacturers certification on February 13. This ISO certification awarded by Underwriters Laboratories is a nationally recognized designation given to manufacturing companies that demonstrate the highest level of quality production.

iRex began working on getting the ISO certification last May. Their two-day audit took place December 4-5. This six month time frame is extremely quick by ISO standards. The relatively short approval time was due to iRex’s already well established quality program. The auditor commented that he had never submitted such a glowing review, and had rarely seen a company so well prepared. According to Product Group Manager Rich Burgess, “We didn’t do anything different. We already had our quality system in place. We kept it to the basics.” He went on to say, “This ISO certification better aligns us with our customers and vendors who are already in the ISO program. The International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001-2000 certification is am officially recognized way to demonstrate a company’s recognized way to demonstrate a company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and continued improvement in their quality management system.

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