iRex Photo: History


iRex Group, Ltd. was the original foundation division that formed all of the TyRex Technology Family Companies. The division was formed at the inception of TyRex on January 1, 1995, and from this division developed most of the companies that are part of the TyRex Technology Family today. The original core competency of the Custom Cable Division (CCG) was custom cable assemblies built for installers of networking equipment. However, with a focus on broadening their capabilities, iRex invested in the most state-of-the-art cable and termination equipment to expand into building cable assemblies for the automotive, computer, instrumentation, medical, military, and telecommunication markets. As a result, the business grew at nearly 100 percent year after year.

On December 23, 2000, iRex was incorporated as a legal entity with Matthew Ache, its founder, adopting the role of President and Partner. By this time, iRex had begun producing a full range of custom cable assemblies and had branched into three primary groups. While CCG focused on small- to medium-sized production quantities in Austin, Texas, and facilities in China and/or Vietnam were being utilized for high volume production runs, iRex’s Flash Group specialized on the front-end of the custom cable assembly process and assisted customers with designing and putting documentation packets together for new product. As a result of their capabilities, the Flash Group enabled iRex to take a cable from design, to prototypes, to pre-production to full production runs in order to meet customer demands for both time-to-market requirements and best manufacturing cost solutions. Meanwhile, iRex’s Central Office Group focused on interconnect and rack and stack assembly with the major Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC), and Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) across the country. This group’s work allowed iRex to develop one of the original low-end cross talk cable assemblies for DSL applications and to become a major supplier to the world’s top telecommunication companies supporting their DSL product lines.

A little over four years later on January 1, 2005, iRex started the Advanced Assembly Group – a full manufacturing service provider of sub-assembly and final assembly specializing in supply chain management and custom integration. In conjunction with the other TyRex Technology Family companies, the Advanced Assembly Group was able to provide its customers with everything from front-end product design, to production and global supply chain management, to back end warranty services.

At present, iRex continues to grow and add new customers every day. Its’ general business philosophies can be tied to a book by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras called “Built to Last”, which focuses on building companies by investing in good people, staying committed to core culture competencies, and making decisions based on longevity. So whether you are looking for a partner to build cable assemblies, sub-assemblies or final system integration, iRex can be the partner that helps you succeed.