iRex Group started in 2000 in Austin, Texas as the custom cable division of the TyRex Group. Over the past 25-plus years, TyRex Group has grown from a custom cable manufacturer into a family of eight companies, each focused on a specific market, to collectively provide customized solutions for the entire life cycle of a product. This is the history of iRex Group.

December 23rd, 2000

iRex was incorporated as a legal entity

iRex was incorporated as a legal entity

Matthew Ache, its founder, adopting the role of President and Partner. By this time, iRex had begun producing a full range of custom cable assemblies and had branched into three primary groups.


iRex started the Advanced Assembly Group

iRex started the Advanced Assembly Group

A full manufacturing service provider of sub-assembly and final assembly specializing in supply chain management and custom integration.

MAY 30TH, 2007



iRex expands to new Technology Boulevard facility after outgrowing its home on Rutland Drive in Austin.

FEBUARY 24TH, 2010

Awarded Tier 1 Supplier

Awarded Tier 1 Supplier

iRex is awarded its first Tier 1 Supplier recognition from National Instruments. Tier 1 Suppliers achieve exceptional scorecard performance across 4 quarters of business in quality, supply assurance, pricing and customer support.


iRex continues to grow and add new customers every day

iRex continues to grow and add new customers every day

It’s general business philosophies can be tied to a book by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras called “Built to Last”, which focuses on building companies by investing in good people, staying committed to core culture competencies, and making decisions based on longevity.

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