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Our customer-driven approach begins with relationships – we provide a dynamic and engaging experience for our customers which goes beyond ‘business as usual.’ We create solutions with a product’s end environment in mind, and help customers reduce costs, optimize processes and improve quality along the way. We know each project is unique, and that off-the-shelf options can limit your product’s potential – that’s why our vast experience in connectivity adds certainty in environments ranging from the most sterile to the most extreme.


Engineered with the technical expertise and manufacturing capability to ensure maximum quality results.


Peripheral power connectors for everything from floppy and hard drives to internal case fans.


Complete product design, tooling, fabrication, materials processing and selection, assemblies, and testing.


Designed with the same expertise and design experience that makes iRex a leader in custom cable assemblies.

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iRex is committed to quality. We perform 100% in-line solder and crimp inspections. Our highly trained and equipped quality-control team inspects and test every assembly.

If you need additional levels of assurance, our TyRex Family partner, Austin Reliability Labs, is in-house with complete environmental and life-cycle acceleration testing capabilities.

iRex is proud to be ISO:9001 certified since 2009.

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Alternative Energy / Solar & Wind

The Alternative Energy Industry is the newest industry to which iRex’s has provided solutions offerings. In fact, iRex has handled projects ranging from small solar cell use and power isolated pumps in the field to extremely large and robust cables built for wind farms. Additionally, since many solar projects require a battery to store the energy, our expert staff has become extremely proficient at assembling banks of batteries for energy storage. We also understand that when a cable assembly leaves our facility it must work and perform well due to the fact that the logistics required to deliver and install the cables are complex and expensive because of the remote areas of many wind farms.

Industrial / Automation

Our Industrial & Automation Industry customers have experienced tremendous growth over the last several years, and we like to think their selection of iRex as a contract manufacturer has something to do with that success. Our staff is extremely innovative when approaching the challenges brought to us by our clients in this field. Over the years, we have been asked to overcome some large hurdles in custom cable assembly manufacturing, and, as a result, have learned to be very creative in our solutions while fine-tuning our skills at making cables that keep working after taking an industrial-strength beating.




Electrical Vehicles

All-electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles on the road today need high performance automotive cables to deliver optimal charging power for reliable electrical performance. iRex provides turnkey cabling and connectivity solutions from planning to delivering customer-specific designs. iRex’s high voltage and charging cables for electric and hybrid vehicles are engineered to exceed all thermal, mechanical, and electrical standards to deliver needed energy to the vehicle.




The Gas Industry may have some of the largest budgets for their projects, but they also have the least amount of time for completion. It then stands to reason that the cost of downtime in this industry is extremely hefty as millions of dollars can be lost in a matter of hours. As a result, iRex not only focuses on providing on-time delivery and quick-turn production when building cables for this industry, but also builds hardy and robust cables / assemblies that can handle some of the harshest environments on the planet while working day after day while under incredible temperature, pressure and chemical stresses.




Medical / Healthcare

The Medical / Healthcare Industry has one of the highest workmanship standards and expectations of all the industries that iRex supports. The cables built have to be extremely reliable with impeccable workmanship for optimum operation, which is exactly what iRex excels at providing. All our cables, regardless of industry, are tested before they leave our facility, and our medical device applications are no exception. In fact, since they do have such a high reliability requirement, we often suggest our clientele allow functional or at least hi-pot testing to see how the cables react under a load. This is just another step we take to ensure that the best cables have been built for the required application.



Defense / Aerospace / Military

Robust and high-reliably are the names of the game when it comes to cable assemblies utilized in the industry space reserved for Defense, Aerospace and Military. With large amounts of data to capture and documents to retain, iRex has the years of experience with Mil Standard workmanship standards as well as the tracking / documentation requirements needed for this industry. Our team excels at both providing the hardy, robust military application cable assembly while also maintaining and managing the correct documentation and data capturing before during and after manufacturing and testing. Notably, functional testing is often the test of choice with these type of cables, which is well within our core competencies. All of our cables are tested and passed in order to ensure that they work in the field when failure is NOT an option.



Multimedia / Audio & Visual

Today’s Multimedia devices are faster and more intense than ever! They hold more data and process it at speeds we used to only just dream about. As your customers will tell you, they need the music and graphics on their devices to be clear, strong and sharp. Whether it’s a large projection system intended for expansive audiences or a sole individual enjoying their home entertainment theater and/or studio, iRex can both develop and produce the cable assemblies that make up your product. Our expert staff can also assist in the selection of the ideal alloys to use on your interconnects in order to ensure your product will run as expected and keep your customers happy.



Computers / Networking

iRex started in the contract manufacturing business with a large influence from the Computer & Networking Industry. It made sense since we are headquartered in Texas along with (at the time) the two largest PC manufacturers in the world! Today, the market dictates the majority of PC and Networking cables are built off shore in low cost labor centers. The good news is, even though they are not built domestically, we can still support those markets. Our Asia partners have multiple facilities in China, Vietnam and Taiwan to support the types of cables used in the PC and Networking market.



The Oil Industry accounts for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption. It then stands to reason that the cost of downtime in this industry is extremely hefty as millions of dollars can be lost in a matter of hours. As a result, iRex not only focuses on providing on-time delivery and quick-turn production when building cables for this industry, but also builds hardy and robust cables / assemblies that can handle some of the harshest environments on the planet while working day after day while under incredible temperature, pressure and chemical stresses.



iRex ensures that energy is delivered carefully and dependably in the environmentally challenging conditions of outer space. When precision and superior performance are critical, these reliable cables boost signal speed and responsiveness among electrical system components. These cables are designed to endure lengthy exposure to immense levels of radiation and temperature ranges without any negative effects.



The Telecommunications Industry has been an evolving since Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone. With that being said, iRex’s has never missed a step throughout this industry’s evolution by ensuring that our facility is properly tooled for the latest and most trusted telecommunication applications. The equipment used by our qualified staff to process coaxial wire is extremely efficient, reliable and precise. This process not only translates into better signal integrity for signal broadcast as well as reception, but also steady wireless connections. Additionally, all of the antenna cables we build are submitted to a VSWR test to ensure they operate as required and within the correct range.




When it comes to the Transportation Industry, there are many options in the global marketplace for companies to turn to when looking to manage their fleet of trucks and/or cars. Today’s systems can compile and provide in real time more information than ever before. However, that information needs to be collected with a device that is both rugged and robust. iRex’s Custom Cable team has the ability to help implement additions to your design that will help protect against the harsh existence your device will endure when bolted under a vehicle’s hood or undercarriage. While your customers may only care that the product they buy from you is protected, iRex cares how exactly the protection is provided. Our highly-skilled staff can seal connectors from liquids as well as gases, encapsulate your assemblies, and even enclose your PCBA so that it remains in operation even if the car using it, runs it over.