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Achieving Company Status

iRex Group, Ltd. Achieves Company Status

The Custom Cable Division and the Electronics Division of TyRex Group, Ltd. achieved the status of becoming independent companies effective January 1, 2001. The Custom Cable Division is now iRex Group, Ltd., led by Matthew Ache, Company President, specializes in building custom cables, DSL cables and other cable assemblies for the computer, instrumentation, telecom and other industries. “I would like to thank all of the iRex Group team members for helping me with my dream of building a special company that will be around, not just for years, but for centuries. A company with a high level of integrity, that cares for its people, partners and communities while providing them each with opportunities to better themselves and grow. A company that challenges its people to make a commitment to continual improvement through creativity while achieving success that exceeds the expectation of our customers, vendors and competitors. The name iRex comes from this characteristic of achieving success that far exceeds expectations. The i represents, the eye of an Eagle, which was a symbol of many Native American tribes for extraordinary achievements. I invite everyone to help with continuing the “Dream” to become a $100 million company by 2004 and for each of us to have the “Eye of an Eagle,” Matt Ache, iRex President.

SabeRex Group, Ltd. Achieves Company Status

The Electronics Division is now SabeRex Group, Ltd. with Thomas Hardt leading the company as president. SabeRex provides testing, repair and enhancement services for the electronics industry including printed circuit boards, computers, printers, modems, electronic speakers, etc. They also provide revolver or pre-production services and integrated services, which include hard drive and CD duplication to full- service integration management. SabeRex’s services are designed for fast turn arounds in a time-sensitive customer market. “I am very excited about this opportunity. It was an interesting  journey to achieve this partnership. I look forward to the upcoming advancements of RF technologies in the industry and the challenge of remaining a leader in the high tech industry.” Thomas Hardt, SabeRex President.

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