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Battery, Fan, and Motor Assemblies
Battery, Fan, and Motor Assemblies

Battery, Fan, and Motor Assemblies

At iRex, we handle all your custom cabling needs from early stages to the finished product. iRex provides engineered solutions, tooling, testing and the production required to solve problems with your product or finalize the configuration beyond the prototype stage. This includes wire assemblies that require battery, fan, and motor connectors as part of their form, fit, and function. To learn more about battery, fan, and motor assemblies, we sat down with our expert team at iRex.

No matter what the purpose, the level of complexity, or functionality, iRex has you covered.
Computer Fan Cable

What is a Battery, Fan, or Motor Assembly?

To put it simply, fan assemblies are cables that connect to a fan, motor assemblies connect to a motor, and battery assemblies connect to a battery. When a cable terminates at one of these components, we describe the cable as being “connectorized,” or interconnected to said application. Other types of interconnected applications include lasers, where a cable interconnects with a laser for emitting light. 

Battery, fan, and motor assemblies are the most common types of wire assembly due to their versatile nature. Fan assemblies are useful in any device that requires or benefits from temperature control through air flow, such as a desktop computer. If an electronic device runs the risk of overheating, a fan assembly or fan array, in tandem with a heat sink, helps to keep temperatures at a functional level that will not harm delicate electronics. 

Motor assemblies are used to move components of a device and can include various encoders that dictate the speed, distance, and strength of the movement. If a device has moving parts, it’s likely due to a motor assembly. 

Batteries store and give power to components, such as fan and motor assemblies, on an as needed basis.

iRex also offers quality control at every step of the process to ensure that the final product works as intended every time.

These configurations of cable, battery, fan, and motor are used in products that span all industries and complexities. From the beautiful simplicity of consumer electronics to the technically complex workings in an industry like aerospace, batteries, fans and motors span products and components from all walks of life.

No matter what the purpose, the level of complexity, or functionality, iRex has you covered, cooled, powered, and moved. 

Fan Cable Assemblies

iRex is Equipped to Tackle the Challenges of Wire Assemblies

Form, fit, and function are the three areas where fan and motor assemblies have the potential to go wrong. Of these three, fit and function are the most common problem areas. Anyone can buy a fan off the shelf, but without checking the specifications for the build through a team of expert engineers, there’s no guarantee that the part will fit the physical dimensions of the build. 

Beyond our expertise and knowledge, iRex offers turnkey solutions with a one-stop shop environment when it comes to connectorizing your custom cable assemblies.

Even if the part fits, there’s likewise no guarantee that it will function with the intended purpose. If a fan does not run at the correct air flow rate, it will struggle to control the temperature or perform at optimal levels to ensure the function of the build. This is a sign that the fan is not being powered properly with a large enough power source or that the fan may have been connected backwards. No matter the case, our expert cable assembly team knows how to identify and correct any problem with your cable configuration. 

At iRex, we have a team of professional engineers with the technical know-how and expertise to guarantee any fan or motor assembly is built to the correct specifications with the right parts so that the build functions with the intended purpose. iRex’s expert team of cable assemblers ensures that any cable build, fan, motor, battery, or even laser is connectorized correctly with the appropriate form and fit so that the interconnect functions correctly every time. 

The iRex Difference

Beyond our expertise and knowledge, iRex offers turnkey solutions with a one-stop shop environment when it comes to connectorizing your custom cable assemblies.

Let’s say that you have identified the parts for your build, but they’re manufactured overseas and the lead time is outside the range of the timeline you’re working with. Luckily, we’ve been building cable assemblies since 1995 and have built strong relationships with many parts manufacturers. We can utilize our network of vendors, manufacturers, and partners to find an alternative solution that will work not only for your timeline, but also your build and budget. 

iRex also offers quality control at every step of the process to ensure that the final product works as intended every time. With our ISO certification and per ous ISO procedures, we perform a 100% crimp inspection in-line ,100% solder inspection in-line, visual inspection, and a final test on every build that passes through our production floor. 

Battery Cable Assembly

iRex is also equipped to manufacture wires with specified needs, such as EMI noise reduction, temperature control through sleeving with heat-shrink, and working with cables of all sizes. With a comprehensive selection of equipment, we always have the right tool for the job, as well. 

So whether you have a complete schematic for your cable assembly, you’re starting from scratch with no idea where to start, or you need help troubleshooting a faulty build, iRex has you covered when it comes to battery, fan, and motor cable assemblies.

Reach out to the team at iRex for help with your cable needs today!

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