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Bright Ideas: Test Equipment Manufacturer

Bright Ideas is the TyRex Family’s New Evolutionary Technology Thinking program designed to create “Innovative Marketing Initiatives” that will develop into Expanding Markets with “Competitive Co-Market Positioning” utilizing our newest tool, 3D Printing. The program has enabled our family of companies to reduce time with large cost savings through quick-turn prototypes, time-efficient jigs and fixtures, and, of course, overall production cost reductions. We are excited to offer these same possibilities to you and your customers as co-marketing partners.

In this effort, iRex and TekRex (an associated entity of the TyRex group focused on 3D printing development) teamed up and worked together to provide a solution for a test equipment manufacturer who was running into some difficulties:

CHALLENGE: A test equipment manufacturer was having issues with cables that included a metal oxide varistor (MOV) fitting through an enclosure cutout. Without a solution they would have to rework the cables- creating a significant cost and time penalty.
SOLUTION: 3D print a connector “go/no go” jig, so each cable assembly could be tested for fit prior to shipping to the manufacturer. The result improved quality and eliminated $1,700 of rework cost, and avoided a two-week delay in the project through rework avoidance.

For more information on how iRex & TekRex can help you with your own Bright Ideas, contact: Martin Johnson by email ( or phone (512-615-4632).

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